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Aaaaand the winner of the Woona audition is…



Now have a listen to a couple bits of her demo. All the cute.

Woona Auditions for Woonastuck

Hey there you crazy people!

As you may have seen from Woonastuck, I’m working on a dub for her series “Woonastuck” or “Moonstuck” (Whichever you prefer)

I’ll be taking auditions until I find that certain someone that most sounds like the voice of the cute Woona we all know and love.

Specifically I will be acting the narrator’s voice. (The one reading all the “You are now Princess Woona” etc)

You, Woona, would be doing the various noises, grunts, cheering, and what have you in all the panels. (Can’t have me hogging the spotlight when there’s an adorable Woona that could be voiced, right?)

If you are a female (or really convincing male) send either:

1: An audio file with you recording the voice you think would best fit the voice of Woona from Woonastuck. Use some panels as inspiration, or do your own cute Woona monologue! Please make your audition at least 30 seconds. (MP3’s, whatever format is fine)

2: A link to something you’ve already voiced somewhere. (Youtube, what have you)

to tylersauditionbox@yahoo.com

Both are not required to get the part. Both is great, but what I really want is #1 above all.

Also, I would prefer that your microphone be better than those crappy laptop-integrated mics. Those have the WORST quality, and I might have to throw your audition out because of it. (I really don’t want to do that)

Good luck to you all!