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How to be Alone: A video that changed my life.

This is so absolutely beautiful and worth a watch and a listen.

passivehalloweenie replied to your post: coffeeandcockatiels said:34, 40, …

Hey now, don’t be knocking on the basic bitch brown eyes U_U

I ain’t meanin’ to go knockin’ on em, but I personally would love to have green eyes instead. My eyes are the darkest of dark brown, and they’ve only gotten darker as I’ve gotten older.

I'm making espresso chocolate cheesecake next week. Just thought I'd tell you. I'll just teleport to your house and share. K?

Oh my goddddddd that sounds DELIIIIICIOUUUUUUUUUUSSSSS!!!

Yes, please teleport here so I can have some when it’s done. Thanks~

it does end kinda frustratingly but also I'm hoping it'll get a second season, maybe, since the manga is ongoing!! I honestly rewatched it all in one sitting and man it's so cute a+ I love it.

Who knows? Usually when a manga get’s an anime before it’s finished, and the anime stops, it almost never get’s another season. I can’t think of one that has, actually.

if you even think of cosplaying he-man i will literally B E C O M E skelETOR AND DRIVE TO YOUR HOUSE

gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, REALLY CUTE YEAH

Ohhhh I hear that ends in a way that’s gonna make me wanna smash my keyboard. I’ve been reluctant to watch, buuut it’s only 12 episodes… Maaaaaaybe I’ll watch it eveeeeeeentually.